The Full Story


I can give a quick overview of who I am but really my story is a long one and has many facets to it that come with their own beautiful legacy for me. So, for anyone whose interested in knowing more about me, about my journey as a writer and a creative, this page is for you!


The General Story

When it comes down to it, I'm a biracial man who had a pretty rocky childhood and became a poet almost by accident. Of course, it's more complicated than that and my poetry began as a way of understanding and coping with that childhood but it does feel as though it happened so naturally and inevitably. I think that's beautiful. I've regularly struggled with mental health and trauma recovery and so, as writing has helped me, it's important for me to help others. I've published 2 poetry collections now and edited a memoir, I have bylines at Unwritten, The Mighty, Be A Light Collective, Thought Catalog and several more. Throughout all these endeavours, I am determined to inspire, to motivate and to empower.


Wilflen Theatre

When I was around 12 years old (a long time ago now), I joined an Amateur Dramatics Theatre company called MacYouth. It was one of my greatest memories and I got the chance to hone my acting abilities and really just explore what theatre meant to me. Fast forward across various performances, short films and panto and come 2019 I met my current best friend, flatmate and business partner Lauren Williams. Soon aftere we created Wilflen Theatre, a theatre that focuses on humour as a way to approach the worlds problems and to create a community of likeminded creatives intent on lifting each other up. 

You can  find out more about us on our website:



I have a BA in Film and Creative Writing and have pretty much been obsessed with writing, directing, producing and acting in film since I can remember. My main day job is as a Marketing & Production Executive at a film company called Tracc Media. Outside of Tracc, I'm also a freelancer who regularly collaborates with a 'dream team' group from University. My particular passions are within indie, arthouse pieces with really powerful storylines and dialogue.

My latest project was as a Production Manager for Rowan Jacobs' short film 'Blackberrying': 



My most recent venture is with TCTW. As the last year has been crazy, I've realised just how much more I want to do within the political and social spectrum. I created TCTW (To Change The World) to focus my researching abilities to provide a resource platform for long-form, high quality discussion pieces. I want to provide posts that allow people on both sides of the political spectrum to understand each other better, to engage in more productive, fair and empathic debate. It's something that I'm passionate about and while it's not someone that will be a frequent post-bringer, it will bring high quality.