My Books

Here you can learn a bit about my books and where to find them! My books are journeys for me as a writer and a person - as poncy as that sounds - and so it means a lot to be able to put them out there, and give you a little glimpse into what that journey looked like and felt like. My style comes from being a performer as well as a writer so you may notice that they are best when read aloud.

Whispers To The World

Whispers To The World will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first collection. I made mistakes in the marketing, I didn't know what I was doing but I'm still so proud of the content. Whispers To The World was an act of catharsis, a journey of trauma recovery, intense love and heartbreak. It is my expression of childhood to adolescence. 


Welcome To Hell

Welcome To Hell is my 2nd and most recent poetry collection and I am so so proud of this one. Following my experience with WTTW, I wanted to write about the journey from adolescence to adulthood - one of the strangest, most tumultous journeys one will ever go through. I approach it with passion, with heart and even with humour. Welcome To Hell is my best work yet and attempts to bring those in their twenties a resource for growth, for hope and for self-reflection. 


Oh, To Be Young Again

When one of my closest friends asked if I would help edit his grandads memoirs, there was no hesitation. I was there immediately. Oh, To Be Young Again may not have been written by me but I'm so happy to have been involved in editing it. OTBYA is a reflection of an older man, looking back on his eventful life and discussinng what it feels to remember. It is the same atmosphere as sipping tea with a family friend talking of war, or being young and listen to you grandfathers tales of the 20s.