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Liam Xavier is a British-Carribean author, playwright, performer and producer based in London. He has published 2 collections of poetry, with a 3rd on the way: Whispers To The World (2018), Welcome To Hell (2020), How Love Begins (2021).


Liam is an avid mental health advocate and has several bylines across various self-help publications from Thought Catalog to Be A Light and more. He also co-owns a theatre company called Wiflen Theatre.

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How Love begins

"Think of love like the universe:

No matter its current state,

There will always be the beauty of stars

To remind us of its beginning.

The question is: will you still be watching in awe?”


Self-Help writer and performer, Liam Xavier returns with his 3rd book to reignite your passion for love. Blending his distinctive style of poetry with a collection of personal essays, Liam inspires a renewed sense of excitement for love, regardless of how painful our past experiences are. "Love", he tells us, "will always be worth falling back into".



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