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I went freelance because I wanted writing to be my full-time job.


Writing is something I've been doing since I was a child.


I've been rewriting friends CV's and watching them secure jobs.


I've been workshopping friends' poetry and watching them exclaim at their excitement at its final result.


I've written for self-help magazines and marvelled at the kindness of strangers who have thanked me.


I've written for businesses and seen how it changes engagement.

Every aspect of writing, to me, is utterly fascinating and if I can help you, I'd love to talk about what I can offer and how it might fit into your budget.

My main services are:


Emotive Copywriting (focussing on turning your salesy copy into something more inviting and personable), 


Content Creation (Everything from blogs to emails to ebooks)

Consultancy (for those that prefer to do it themselves but need a headstart)

Drop me an email on and let's get started today.

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