Whispers To The World is Liam Xavier's debut poetry and prose collection, moulded from emotions and trauma harvested over 23 eventful years.
It spans across Silence, Anger, Love and Growth and includes pieces written in hindsight, pieces written in the very midst of emotion, and pieces that come from 'What Ifs' realised. Liam Xavier invites the readers on an emotional journey and asks them to realise the healing power of all feeling.

"In Whispers to the World, you get the sense that Liam is a genuine old soul, a young mind with an incredible capacity for feeling and a lifetime of emotion to share. You can feel the catharsis in his words and it’s deeply satisfying, like you’re there with him as he writes, breathing a sigh of release with each word typed. Whispers to the World takes readers on a beautifully structured journey through “silence, anger, love, and growth”, reminding us that light can be found even in our darkest places." - Patrick Wiltze

Whispers To The World


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