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Put simply: I am a writer. You probably guessed that already (see pen in above pic - dead giveaway)

To avoid a lengthy paragraph that takes up too much of your time and only spends 3 seconds actually telling you what you want to hear, here are 10 facts to filter out the unnecessary:

1. I am 25.

2. I am mixed-raced and based in London (catch the rhyme there? POETRY) 

3. My Mental Health is incredibly important to me and this often shines through much of my creative work. 

4. My collection of books will never be complete in my eyes.

5. I believe every business should have a face, a personality, and customers and investors alike should know the real you (hence fact 1, 2, 3 & 4).

6. I offer copywriting and content creation services, specialising in emotive copy (To help you sound like a HUMAN & not a BOT) Find out how I can help you today.

7. I am a poet! I have 2 collections out - 1 an Amazon bestseller (fancy!) - and you can get your hands on one or both of them hereI

8. I own a Theatre company with my best friend called Wilflen Theatre and we focus on socially-charged dramedies with the intention of making the world a little less crappy! Sound interesting?

9. As fact 6, 7 and 8 demonstrate I love every facet of writing. There is a great deal of power and beauty that can be harnessed through a good string of words. It can't be understated! (see Twitter in 2020).

10. I'd love to tell you more if you want to hear more. Fancy a chat?

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