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How Love Begins

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Welcome To Hell


Oh, To Be Young Again (Co-Edited by Liam)

Whispers To The World



Liam's words and perspective help reground you and bring clarity regarding your twenties, despite the inevitable confusion we all feel. These years are some of the most ambiguous in our lives and Liam not only sheds light on the varying emotions we feel [...] but he also gives us hope.


4x Bestselling Author and Speaker

Liam is a genuine old soul, a young mind with an incredible capacity for feeling and a lifetime of emotion to share. You can feel the catharsis in his words and it's deeply satisfying.

Patrick Wiltse 

Founder, Self Actual

Liam's ability to pick out points of significance and growth and even simple thing that are definitive to your twenties is amazing one of the reasons this book is my companion as I navigate early adult life.

Hannah Murray

Author of Untangling Roots




In a bid to become a happier, less angry child, I was encouraged to write and to act as a means of therapy. Nearly 18 years later and it's no longer just a means of therapy, but a passion,  a step in my career and something I couldn't live without. I've managed to make somewhat of a name for myself writing about mental health, love and spirituality and I plan to do a great deal more.

That's the short and sweet of it, anyway.


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